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Several years ago, after THE LIKES OF ME came out, many readers wrote to ask me more about the character of Babe, the giant stepmother. For years, I’ve had those questions in the back of my mind – what would life be like if you were a young girl who had gigantism? In the last part of the 19th century, there were precious few opportunities for any young women, let along those who were deemed ‘different.’ Very different – giant and dwarf different. There began the story of Fern ‘Babe’ Killingsworth – strongest girl in the world. This is her journey from teased and bullied girl to side show attraction to take the hardest journey she’d ever take – the one to find her true place in the world. And no, I ain’t done with Babe yet and she ain’t done with me!

A heart-rending and memorable picture of 19th-century challenges for girls with unusual bodies.
—Kirkus Reviews

Babe is a likable protagonist, who grows wiser and more mature under the duress of her body’s growth . . .a hard-fought and bittersweet ending.

—Bulletin of the Center of Children’s Books

Fans of historical fiction and WATER FOR ELEPHANTS will delight in this enthralling book about a very tall girl and her journey through the carnival circuit. Babe is a fantastic and relatable character that shines through this story.

—–Olivia Far, YA Books Central

“Platt proves again she is unafraid to tackle intensely emotional issues for young readers in this beautifully written piece. Like its title, it inspires both curiosity and delight.”


Babe’s physical size magnifies the problems that all people face in looking for understanding and acceptance, and there are no easy answers for her. VERDICT The book is well-named, as it is full of vivid characters and settings that are odd, curious, but full of delights.

—Lucinda Snyder Whitehurst, St. Christopher’s School, Richmond
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